I Hate the Post Office

To my friends and family, it is no secret that I hate the post office. I always have. At least 50% of the time that I have to physically go to the post office to conduct business, I walk away empty handed, or sorely disappointed. I am not exaggerating.

There are always forty people in line and the stamp machine is always conveniently out of order, or is out of change. This happened to me two days in a row at two different post offices this week! I just had to leave. I didn’t have time on my lunch break to wait in that kind of line. If the post office itself actually had to directly compete against another company, such the way banks do, customers would never tolerate their lack of service. People today just universally accept the way the post office is and have grown numb to their ways.

The post office reminds of me a slow, uncaring government service like the DMV. They are so slow! That is a story of its own, but the mail service comes accross the same way, like a bureaucratic mismanaged operation. If they cared about making customers happy, they would put a drive-up stamp machine outside of the post office building. And make sure it works! Sure, you can buy stamps at the grocery store, but they are usually marked up, so that a bad option.

I’m sure it is no coincidence that the mail normally comes around 4:00 every afternoon, but on Saturday, it somehow manages to get here before noon. If they can deliver it that early on Saturday, then why not do it that way every day of the week? It has also long been time to start delivering the mail on Sunday. Every time I order something online, the looming Sunday is always in my mind. That one day interrupts the flow of everything. That causes you to, again, on Monday have a line of forty people in front of you at the post office when you get there. Granted, the only good thing about the mail not running on Sunday is that it probably saves on traffic congestion and air pollution.

For me, I use every online banking and bill payment option for every account that offers it…and every institution should have online billing by this point in time. I don’t mail off payments and I turn off paper bill options whenever possible. It isn’t that I don’t trust the snail mail, it just takes too long and always has a way of making me angry.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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