Karaoke Revolution

This past Christmas, I was introduced to a demo of Karaoke Revolution Party for the PS2. After playing the demo once, me and Laura were hooked on this game.

Now, after having played Karaoke Revolution Party for a few weeks now, I can say we probably unlocked just about all that there is available. It is a truly revolutionary game that actually does grade your vocal pitch when you are singing into the USB microphone. The game has 50 songs, a duet 2-player mode, sing and dance mode, and it even supports the Eye Toy. I do not have an Eye Toy, (nor do I want one), so I can’t comment on that feature. The game does require either a USB microphone or headset. I have both, but I highly recommend that you try the microphone. It is so much fun to use and the cord is generously long. I love leaping around the house, jumping off of the furniture, and all the while trying to keep up the gig and score well.

All in all, the game is fantastic. It is extremely enjoyable and a blast to play. The game has an impressive spread of 50 tunes that span practically every music genre. I have now learned the words to songs that I have never known before. Everyone will find something to love in this game. It grades you based on vocal pitch and timing. Still, you can still be a bad singer and have fun with this game. I simply do not get tired of it.

In addition to its impressive spread of songs, characters, accessories, and performance arenas, Karaoke Revolution Party servers up a two-player duet mode and singing battles. In these modes, two microphones can be used at one time. There is even a sing and dance mode where you sing and literally dance on a PS2 dance mat to the tunes in the game! I find that mode to be particularly challenging.

The bottom line is that if you like music, and enjoy singing in the shower or in the car, you will love this game. It is highly addictive. Traditionally, I love shoot em’ up games, but I have not played any other game other than Karaoke Revolution since I got turned on to it many weeks ago. I give it the highest rating, if I had such a system.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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