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There are plenty of sports fans out there. I must admit that am not really one of them. Therefore, I think that sports news does not belong on a newspaper’s front page. All too often, my local paper has sports headlines on the actual front page! It drives me nuts. Nobody should see scores for the NCAA basketball tournament in large print on one side and glance over to see a side-column that mentions hundreds dieing in an earthquake in another part of the world. Listen people, sports are just games. News about sports events are simply not important.

Besides, that is why newspapers have a dedicated Sports section. I say, move all such news to that part of the paper and keep it there, permanently.

It did cross my mind that perhaps it is a possible selling point to put some sports news or scores on the front page. This would only be true for newspaper vending machines where someone would walk by and see it and perhaps be more likely to buy the whole paper. But, I doubt it. Sports fans have much better options than a daily paper. With several dedicated cable ESPN channels, local broadcasts, and the Internet, sports in the paper at all is near-obsolete. By the time a sporting event is printed in the paper the following morning, the vast majority of people who care would have already known the outcome through other media sources, or probably watched the entire game on TV.

I am not advocating getting rid of the Sports section of the paper, I just wish editors would keep all such related news in that area. I suppose I can forgive the Superbowl result appearing as the main news headline on the front page, but that is one day out of the year. The rest, in my opinion, can be forgotten.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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