I have been playing Texas Holdem for almost two years now. I much prefer playing on the computer instead of in real life. Real life poker is just too slow. I don’t have the patience to sit through to the end, if I make it that far.

Pokerstars is the only website that I have played poker on the Internet. Back in late 2004, I started out with play money, then months later added some actual real money to gamble on. All throughout, it has been up and down. I keep track of my games and tournaments through an Excel spreadsheet that I made for myself on the computer. That has been a project in itself. In the file, I note money won and lost, position, overall gains, etc. It is a fantastic way to measure my progress.

I certainly have not earned any money by playing this. If anything, I have lost money. But it comes and goes so slowly, I hardly notice. That said, I do enjoy playing on Pokerstars. I have to give it marks for being a lot of fun, their adding of new features, and their customer service.

My only problem is that I feel that there is at least a 50/50 chance that the whole game is rigged. This is primarily true for the regular tables, and less so for the tournaments. Simply too many hands have straights, flushes, and sometimes four-of-a-kind. These big hands happen one after the other, on some nights. How often does this happen is real life, I wonder? Sure, you can say that the computer can deal out five times as many hands per hour as a real life game, but that doesn’t explain why deal after deal is an amazing hand. See, the better everyone hand is, the more money the Pokerstars business gets from the “rake” of the winnings. They have an interest in hurrying the game up, or encouraging people to bet more. I can’t swear to any conspiracy, but if you like poker, check out Below, you’ll see my player icon:

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Author: Craig Tisinger


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