GoldenEye: Going, Going, Gone

I turned on GoldenEye for my PS2 the other day and found that there were no game servers operating for the online feature. Since it is my favorite online shoot-em-up game, I have tried almost every day since, with no luck. I finally did an online search to find that EA Games is pulling the plug on GoldenEye: Rogue Agent effective October 1, 2006.

Other titles from EA Games have already had their servers taken down as of early August. Most of them are outdated sports titles with the year after them (like Madden 2004, etc). But I am very disappointed to find out GoldenEye is going bye-bye. The weaponry, respawning speed, and hilarious kills will surely be missed. No other game that I own quite compares.

Again, they say official online gaming ends 10/1/06, but I am finding that I cannot join or host a game, even now. So much for a good thing. Shame on you, Electronic Arts!

Author: Craig Tisinger


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