Hydro Thunder

Many years ago, one of my favorite games of all time came out for the ancient Sega Dreamcast console. The game was made by Midway and was called Hydro Thunder. The life of the Dreamcast was short and is now a device of the past. Hydro Thunder needs to be revived today on the PS2 or Xbox 360. The only other version of the game, to my knowledge, was released for the old Playstation 1. I have never tried that one, but I imagine the graphics were not very good.

Hydro Thunder is an intense speed boat racing game. I have spent many nights in the past, duking it out on 2-player mode. The game is just so much fun. The graphics, sounds, boats, tracks, etc. are all outstanding and top notch. The game has a very fun and loose feel to it. It is the kind of game that you can play over and over, and yet still find a new shortcut or speed booster in new places you didn’t even know were there. I simply never got tired of playing this game. It is among the most fun 2-player games ever made. I don’t have a Dreamcast, but I wish I had a way to play this game, even if just one more time.

Years after the original game, Midway tried to come out with a sequel, this time involving snowmobiles, called Arctic Thunder. When I heard it was being released for the PS2, I was excited. The final reality was that the game was absolutely terrible. It looked so unpolished and played so sloppy that it behaved like a beta release or something. The premise of the game was okay, but the actual game-play is nearly the worst I have ever played. All of the magic in the original Hyrdo was gone in this game. It is complete crap.

My plea to Midway: Please revive Hydro Thunder again and release it for the PS2 and/or Xbox. Don’t stray far from the original. Keep the same hilarious boats, such as “Chumdinger”. Perhaps juice it up by adding Internet play and even more arenas and shortcuts. The game is just too great to let this opportunity pass. We’ll buy it if you do.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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