Does the Playstation 3 Have a Future?

I just did a little research on what has probably been the most successful video game console in history, the Playstation 2. It hit the shelves in Japan in March of 2000. Later in October of that year, it was made available in the US. I have had a PS2 for many years now and it has been worth the cost, many times over. The number of hours that my machine has been used is mind boggling, both for games and playing DVDs. For Sony, it has been a smash hit during the past six years. In fact, they still have strong sales of the system today.

Now, 2007 is knocking on our door and the very long awaited Playstation 3 is finally here. I stress finally! Years overdue, a massive production shortage, technical blunders, and with a price that equals an arm and a leg, I wonder what we’ll be saying about this machine in years to come. I even wonder if we’ll still be talking about it years from now. From what I have read, the small number of release titles have not been that well received. To top it off, some 200 PS1 and PS2 titles do not play properly on the new machine. That issue is being resolved via a firmware update that Sony is to release online. Combined, these issues just might make this product a failure.

At $600, I cannot afford a PS3. I don’t really want one, either. The games on the PS2 look and play good enough for my taste. I am not going to spend $60 a pop on brand new PS3 releases. For me to be interested, the price would have to be cut in half for the system and the games, and a lot more of the population would have to adopt it first.

If the PS3 had to compete solely against the XBOX 360, I think it would fair well in the long run, as long as prices come down, issues are resolved, and enough games are made. But since Sony faced so many delays to get the system on the market, they now have to contend with the Nintendo Wii, which looks to be kicking their butts. I just want a console game system that plays games well and connects to the Internet for online games. That is it. I don’t want it to serve as a computer, entertainment center, or DVR. I only want to play games. At this minute, if I could snap my fingers and have a new system to play, I would honestly like to play a Wii. After that, I’d like to play a 360. The PS3 is at the end of my list. A year ago, I never would have expected that.

What will come of the Playstation 3, time will tell.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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