I have used GMail for well over a year now and I have to say that it is by far the best web-based email client there is. I have used Yahoo Mail for many, many years (even the Mail Plus version) and since switching to GMail, I haven’t looked back. Even Yahoo’s new webmail beta doesn’t stack up to GMail, in my opinion.

Nothing matches the speed and simplicity of GMail. It has the most storage of any service, only uses text advertising, has the awesome “conversation” way of viewing email, killer search within your mailbox, and it responds as fast as a desktop mail client. I like how it automatically checks my mail continuously without me having to hit a “check mail” button all the time. And most of all, I love how it displays pictures in email attachments. When I click “view”, I actually get to view the full-sized picture in a new browser tab. In Yahoo, even after all these years, you still have to have it virus-certified, choose to download it, then save it, or open it on your PC in an image viewer to see the full-sized version. That is nonsense.

If that isn’t enough, GMail even offers free POP mail access to your mailbox from a desktop email client. Yahoo users must subscribe and pay a yearly fee to have this feature. Don’t even get me started on Hotmail. I quit that horrible service many years ago. It isn’t even a consideration.

The only annoying thing about GMail that I have found is the silly Google Chat that is now built-in that lets you instant message other GMail users that are logged in. I don’t care for that. At work, it tells me it cannot find the service (probably due a company firewall), but luckily, you can turn that off in the options at the bottom of the page. I find it cleans up the interface a little and (I think) makes things run faster. Who uses it, anyway?

Author: Craig Tisinger


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