Sega Bass Fishing Duel

I remember playing Sega Bass Fishing on the old Sega Dreamcast many years back, so I thought I’d pick up this one for the PS2. I recently bought this game on eBay, and surprisingly, Laura really enjoys this one. It is quite fun to play, but I think that trying to win CPU battles and fishing tournaments are both a bit too hard, though. The game feels very much like an arcade game that is simply ported to the PS2. Me and Laura play 2-player fishing duels and do have a great time. My only complaint is that the game feels a little too “programmed” in the habits of the fish. I wish it was made to be a bit more realistic. I don’t mean the graphics, but rather the motions and personalities of the fish in the water. After a while, it seems like there is a small list of scenarios that the game runs though and it soon becomes quite predictable. However fun to play, it is certainly one of those games that when you lose, you actually have cause to shout “RIGGED!”

Author: Craig Tisinger


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