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Over a week ago, Me and Laura were ecstatic to discover that the makers of the Karaoke Revolution game series for the PS2 were set to release a new installment. So far they have released numbers 1, 2, 3, Party, CMT Country, and now the new one is called “KR Presents: American Idol”. Regardless of the Idol branding, we own all of the other titles and were thrilled at the news of this new game. The game shipped January 2nd and it was on the shelves at Best Buy the following day.

The new game has 40 tracks. Many of the new songs included are outstanding. The game supports all of the features of the last two in the series, such as the Eye Toy device, duet modes, and multi-player games. The American Idol twist is new. I think it was wise for them to pair up with the hit TV show, especially since season six of the show starts in mere weeks. The Idol mode of gameplay takes you through the whole audition process, from start to finale. Each performance in this mode is verbally critiqued by Simon and Randy. Paula Abdul is noticeable absent from the judges panel, being replaced by some look-alike named Laura. The judges comments are pretty funny, but seem a little long-winded and become repetitive after a while. One thing worth noting is that if you pick one of the more absurd full body costumes for your character, the judges will comment on your bad style.

If you like singing, if you own another KR title, or if you like American Idol, this game is well worth picking up. It costs $40 without an included microphone, which is a good price for a just-released Playstation 2 game. Me and Laura have already had a ball trying out the new songs and unlocking new goodies. Here is a complete song list for all KR game titles. Scroll to the bottom of that page for the 40 tracks included with this new Idol game.

Worth noting is that if you happen to have any of the SingStar karaoke games from Sony, the microphones used for that game are not compatible with any Karaoke Revolution title. I have never played any of those games, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If have no interest in those games because they aren’t easily available in the U.S. and the song lists aren’t as inspiring. Not to mention the microphone incompatibility. I recommend this new Idol game (and the KR Party) over any of those SingStar titles.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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