WordPress Gripe

I’d be hard pressed to come up with a list of complaints about the awesome WordPress software that powers this blog. It is outstanding in every way and I recommend it to everyone. That said, I do have one complaint that has been silently brewing in me for some time.

I cannot stand it how often the built-in editor constantly screws up my paragraphs when I actually edit the text in a post. When I am typing and delete using my Delete key at the end of a sentence to remove extra text, my paragraph break is then missing in the saved version of the post. Likewise for editing the text of an existing post when I add or remove text at the end of a paragraph. Everything looks okay in my editing window, but after a save, my paragraph breaks are turned into line breaks. I can’t tell for sure, but some of this pay be due to the way I like to use the [Delete] key over the [Backspace] a lot of the time.

This may not affect everyone, but the issue drives me nuts. I just scrolled through some old posts and found two instances of this that I didn’t realize were there. I fixed them. Apparently, the automatic HTML coding in the program’s editor window needs some tweaking. Of course, I could in theory use my email program to post through an email account (which I do not do), or type my post in another program (like Word or Notepad) and cut/paste it into the blog. I have tried second method and the result isn’t always good. Besides, I’d still need to use the built-in WP editor to edit the posts that are already published.

The good news is that WordPress just released version 2.1 the other day. It boasts a new and improved text editor, so I have read. I have not tried this to see if my problem is resolved. For the moment, I’m going to stick with version 2.07 because I know as soon as I go through the hassle of upgrading, they’ll suddenly release 2.11 the next day. I’ll wait for that. I am not complaining in any way about the regular updates and releases they have for WordPress. This is a great thing. The best keeps getting better.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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  1. I have installed WordPress version 2.2 this weekend. I should mention that ever since version 2.1 was released, my paragraph spacing issue in the editor has not been an issue. Thanks developers.

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