Guitar Hero

Laura bought me a guitar for the Playstation2 and the Guitar Hero game for Valentines Day this year. Laura went above and beyond and bought me the wireless guitar from Red Octane (who also make the Guitar Hero game series). It was totally unexpected. I hadn’t had feelings for or against it or its premise, despite loving the karaoke games that are on the market. I really hadn’t paid much attention Guitar Hero beyond watching a few people play it at Best Buy over Christmas.

Now that I own it, the game is simply terrific! I didn’t know how much I’d be into it when I first heard about this game, but all that changed once I had the instrument in my hands. I have never owned a wireless controller of any kind for a game system. I recommend the wireless guitar for sure. It is an incredible amount of fun. It looks like a toy, but don’t be fooled. Each song is stunningly complex, even at the Medium level. The fingerings and chords truly do mimic natural guitar handiwork. And the game gives you an incredible feeling of power when you rip your first few chords. The song list is quite good. I had never heard of most of the songs in this game, since they tend to be of the hard rock and metal variety, but the guitar work in each song is quite catchy, and I grew to like each of them after only one or two attempts. Overall, the game is truly awesome. Highly recommended! I can’t wait to get Guitar Hero 2 someday!

Author: Craig Tisinger


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