Yahoo Widgets

I love using Yahoo Widgets. Since I tried it out a while back, I have gone through periods of using it and other periods of not using it. I am back to using it now and and I haven’t wanted to look back. Using widgets makes the desktop look cool and flashy, but it is only worthwhile if you get something productive out of it. Personally, I use the weather widget, memory usage widget, WiFi signal widget, the analog clock, and a Gmail notifier widget. There are reportedly thousands of widgets available. You can set the transparency of each widget on the desktop. Every open widget runs as a separate system process, so don’t go overboard when you start adding them.

I just found out today that version 4 has been released (4.01 being the latest). I have upgraded and it claims to use less system memory than version 3. Also, there is a new widget dock that previews your open widgets in small form. Whether you care to use the dock is your preference. I am using XP, but Yahoo Widgets is also available for the Mac. Of course, Mac OS X and Windows Vista both have built-in widget support, so I don’t know how useful Yahoo Widgets will be on those systems. Still, Yahoo claims to have the most widgets compared to the competition. A lot of them are ridiculous and have practically no use whatsoever, but the ones that are really useful soon become hard to live without. I’m hooked…again.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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