What Is Your Start Page?

I don’t like to have my browser’s default start page linked to a complex website. I like to keep my start page very lean. In fact, I used to use nothing at all, opting for a simple “about:blank” in Firefox, which brought up an empty browser window every time I loaded the program. I also have gone through phases where I use google.com or yahoo.com. Google is a terrific choice, but since I have the Google search box on my toolbar, I don’t necessarily need to see the Google page itself. The problem with Yahoo is that the home page is very complex and while it probably only takes an extra second to load, I don’t want to deal with all that right out of the gate.

If you like a simple page, like Google’s page, but also want a couple of important news headlines on the screen, try making your start page search.yahoo.com. I much prefer Google as a search engine, but this is just for something to look at when I load the browser. Yahoo Search has an extremely basic, clean page with a few links to the top news headlines so that you don’t miss anything important, as well as indicators from Yahoo Mail. I have my browser set to Yahoo Search for now, though I am bound to change it without notice.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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