I made a post a while back that praised Comodo’s personal firewall program, in which I made negative comments about ZoneAlarm. It’s true that I have had my ups and downs with ZA, but I have been back to using it again for a while now. The free firewall that Comodo offered turned out to be very cumbersome and slow. I can’t exactly remember my grievances because I uninstalled it months ago. I want to say something kept crashing on me while I was using it. For a time after removing the program, I used only the basic inbound Windows Firewall, which in my opinion does a fine enough job. I later read that ZoneAlarm had released a new version 7 of its firewall, so I downloaded it to give it a try (free version). I have never tried a paid version, so I can’t comment on its offerings. My computing needs are met using the free product.

So far, I have really enjoyed version 7. The best thing so far the new version is that it doesn’t slow down my Windows boot time as much as previous versions seemed to. Setting up my home network traffic was made a little easier this time, too. Overall, ZA hasn’t been as much of a nuisance as it used to be. I don’t know how much of all this is attributed to new features and how much of is my part of my imagination.

After trying other free firewalls such as Kerio and Comodo, I realize that ZoneAlarm has a lot to offer. Kerio stopped offering a free personal firewall program, so I quit using that long ago. I thought Comodo would be cool after reading a good review in a PC publication. It turns out, I was less than thrilled. ZoneAlarm, on the other hand, has always kept on a steady course by continuing to improve a great product while still offering it to the world for free. I am quite pleased with their product this time around.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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