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Am I the only person who has noticed that the once squeaky-clean home page at is being slowly filled with links and whatnot? Once upon a time the basic page displayed only the company logo (changing occasionally for holidays), the search box, and two options: Search, or I’m Feeling Lucky. Later came the Preferences link, which is a very welcomed addition. A lot of people that I know have never bothered to even notice that it exists.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find plugs for Gmail and GoogleDocs, business solutions, advertising programs, and a link to info about Google. In addition, there is a bar across the top of the page with links for other search methods (web, images, news, etc.). In the right corner on that bar is your Gmail account name, a link to account info, and a link to sign out.

I predict that some day Google will adopt a more Yahoo-style home page and move their once basic search page to a subdomain such as (that link as of this post takes you to the same page as, in case you were wondering.) Time will tell on my predictions. Google has a lot of services and applications under its belt now. Surely they don’t want the company’s front page to be as extremely basic as it once was. As for the users, we can look back and cherish a time when it was more simple. We can still enjoy the page as it is today, but I’ll bet it will slowly start to get filled in over time.

Below is a screenshot I just made tonight of the current state of Screenshot

Author: Craig Tisinger


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