Me and Laura both are on a big Pogo.com gaming kick. I had visited the site in years past, but didn’t get hooked until more recently. I’ve played games on Yahoo and MSN, but Pogo is my favorite. I haven’t actually tried Yahoo Games in a while. It got kind of stale. There were no rewards. As for MSN, I love the reward badges, but hate that the whole site is so heavily built for Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. Almost none of the games play on my Mac, which is ridiculous.

Pogo, on the other hand, mostly has Java-coded web games, which work on my PC platform. A few of the games do require IE and Active X (like Bejeweled), but I have found there to be decent alternatives to these that use Java (i.e. Sweet Tooth). Pogo is a product of EA Games, who I have much more admiration for than Microsoft. I love the reward of earning tokens. You can use them to buy in to nightly, weekly, or monthly drawings…for real money! Overall, the site itself it is a pleasure to navigate and use. Adding friends is also easy, allowing you to join your buddies in a game.

I now use Pogo exclusively for web gaming. I think it is the best of its kind. Laura is now a Club Pogo member. She is enjoying ad-free gaming, with access to 30+ games that I cannot access on my free account. Sweet. It is easy to lose a couple of hours on the site without even realizing it.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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