Disable Ctfmon For Good

I finally have found a way to permanently disable the annoying Windows system process ctfmon.exe. I have tried for years to rid myself of this stubborn system process. If you have installed Microsoft Office on your Windows system, chances are you are running ctfmon.exe all the time when you are using your computer, unnecessarily sucking up memory and CPU cycles. Every attempt to disable it with startup manager or msconfig is only temporary, as the program will be reinstated the next time you boot your computer.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn if off for good. In Windows, go to the Control Panel and choose Regional and Language Options. Click the Languages tab and click the button labeled Details. From there, in the Advanced tab, check the box labeled Turn off advanced text services. Now you can enjoy using your computer without this completely ridiculous process that Microsoft should not launch by default with Office in the first place.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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