Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Have you seen this terrible reality show on the Sci-Fi channel? It is so lame it makes me cringe in embarrassment for the people on there. This show is a cheesy low-budget reality elimination show where a group of losers compete to be the next superhero. They dress in ridiculous outfits and spout lame taglines as they complete seemingly ordinary tasks that are presented on TV with an overlay of grade school quality special effects. The show is hosted by 85 year-old Stan Lee, who communicates with the heroes in their warehouse “lair”. It boggles the mind, but the contestants actually behave as though there is some real prize to be won or that they are actually going to become a true superhero. The lamest of the contestants is this chubby lady dressed in a maid outfit, complete with hanging feather dusters from her belt, who calls herself Hygenea.

In doing a quick bit of research for this post, I found a message board on the Sci-Fi Channel website where fans post messages about the show. I am in awe of the absurdity of their comments. Viewers write of holding their loved ones on the couch while watching the superheros compete, wiping back tears, and feeling overwhelming emotion at what they are watching. They then sign their posts with a photo of themselves in costume, complete with an ID card for their personal superhero character. Are these people serious?!

Let me be clear that I don’t watch this show! I just saw an episode on this week and ended up watching it play out in utter disbelief to what the reality show scene has become. I feel so embarrassed for these people! This show belongs on Comedy Central, not on Sci-Fi — if it has a place on TV at all. The grand prize should be a gun that they can off themselves with when the show is over.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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