Mac Flickr Uploadr 3 is Bloated

Last week, I upgraded my Flickr to a Pro account. Since upgrading, I have been uploading lots of photos to my library. I decided to upgrade my version of the Mac Flickr Uploadr to version 3.02, (the newest as of this writing). This was a mistake. I had been happily using version 2.31. Prior to this experience, I’d never been one to rollback to an older version of anything. Flickr is now an exception for me.

The new Flickr Uploadr is extremely bloated. Quite buggy as well. My version 2 installer was 420 KB. That was it. The new version 3 installer is a whopping 20.2 MB! How is it possible to have an increase of that magnitude? That is insanely large for a batch file uploader.

It is certainly more flashy, but at what cost. New tags I type mysteriously disappear in the mid-word and later end up in my tag list on the Flickr site as a bunch of misspelled words. What is that about? It has crashed on me a couple of times, and it routinely gets hung up at some point during nearly every batch I have uploaded. I leave the room, thinking it is uploading its brains out, only to come back and hour later and it says, “27 of 100 photos did not make it. Retry?” Arg! That is so irritating, but sometimes I am glad the program is still responding at all. Also, my attempts to cancel a batch in progress have proven fruitless. It asks for confirmation, only to seem to get lost in some endless loop. I can say that I do like the drag-and-drop ability of version 3, but that is about all.

I erased the program and reinstalled version 2.31, which is so much faster! I have uploaded several batches since downgrading and the whole operation was so much quicker and easier, and I never had a failure. Everything now works as it should. It is supposed to be a simple batch file uploader! How much pizazz do you need? The new Uploadr is a great example of something good that they had to take way too far. What a mess.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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  1. As a followup to this post about the new Flickr Uploader, I have downloaded the latest release (3.0.5) and it appears to be more stable than the older version 3.0.2 that I’d used before making my post. That doesn’t take away from the bloated aspect, but it is more stable if nothing else.

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