My New iPod Nano

I bought a new 4 GB iPod Nano yesterday! Hooray! It is so awesome. I’d previously been using a 512k iPod Shuffle. I had to have the Nano. It is so slick, and so beautifully designed. I love the extra storage for my music, and all the features that come with a full-blown iPod. The screen is bright, and extremely sharp. Flipping album covers with Cover Flow is gorgeous and fantastic. It’s music and volume controls are amazing. I love it! I’ll admit that it does weigh a little more than I expected it to. Perhaps I am used to the shuffle, which felt like a small pack of gum. The weight is no worry considering all the goodies that are packed in this little thing.

I have had some confusion of video support, though. I was able to transfer a music video that I’d downloaded via iTunes, and a single MP4 conversion from a DVD using Handbrake. Those played beautifully on the iPod screen. Other videos I’d made with Handbrake weren’t allowed in by the iPod. I don’t know why, since I thought I’d used the correct setting in Handbrake to do so. I’ll have to research that matter further someday. I plan to eventually try a movie rental from iTunes (a new feature), to see how it plays, though I don’t intend to make a habit of renting iTunes movies.

iPod Nano

Author: Craig Tisinger


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  1. I figured out my problems I was having with importing videos from Handbrake. I wasn’t using the correct setting when ripping the material, which resulted in a file that I could play on my computer, but not on the iPod. I know what to do now, and it works great. Also, I bought a music video through iTunes and it played beautifully as well.

    I took my iPod to Texas with me and I must say that I am very impressed with the battery life. It had plenty of juice when I got home, despite some heavy use. I absolutely love it!

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