Apple to Give Mac Mini Another Overhaul?

This article from AppleInsider has informed us that Apple plans to redesign and upgrade the Mac Mini. This is very welcomed news. I love my Mini. It is so fast and powerful, yet so small and silent. I am very happy with the performance of my machine. It is amazingly fast and snappy at all times. I can only imagine how much faster the new Mini will be.

Rumors had once gone around that Apple may pull the plug on the Mini. That would be a shame, considering it is the most affordable Mac you can buy. It’s an inexpensive way for iPod/iTunes users to try out the Mac side of computing. After all, that is what reeled me in. Macs are a very different world to some Windows users, and potential switchers are put off by the high price of the Apple brand. The Mini is a cheap way for anyone to experiment with the Mac.

While I’m glad that Apple is upgrading the Mini, there is a giant gap between the Mini and the extremely high-end Mac Pro. I wish Apple would design a desktop computer that falls somewhere in-between. One that doesn’t come with a screen, as the iMac does. That gap in their desktops is a glaring omission in their product line.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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