Swiss Cake Rolls Used to be Good

What has happened to the state of Swiss Cake Rolls today? I remember when I was a kid, I would be so thrilled if I had a pack in my lunchbox. I can vividly remember how soft, fresh, creamy, and fantastic they were. Today, the same little cakes are borderline terrible. I don’t believe it is just my imagination, either.

Last night I opened a pack and I could only stomach one of the two rolls. It just wasn’t good, and had little taste. Today’s Swiss Cake Rolls taste so cheap and industrial, they are like biting into moist rolled-up cardboard. They have the texture of something made from chemicals and heavy machinery. I swear that over the years and decades they must have dramatically changed the recipe, and are just riding out their success using the original box. I don’t plan to buy any more of these, at least for a very long time. They are not the least bit good anymore.

Swiss Cake Rolls

Author: Craig Tisinger


3 thoughts on “Swiss Cake Rolls Used to be Good”


    This might sound nuts, but I’ve gone looking for the ORIGINAL Swiss Cake Roll, like when I was a kid. They didn’t even have the chocolate frosting. Just moist cake and rich cream. Yum! I hate the Little Debbie’s. And Drake’s version (Yodels, I think?) aren’t much better.

    My question to you is this: WHO made those Swiss Cake rolls? I can’t come up with the company… not Nabisco…is it? Do you know? Or are you talking about just the Little Debbie’s getting yucky?

  2. I am just talking about the Little Debbie’s getting yucky. So far as I know, they are the original makers of Swiss Cake Rolls. Perhaps you are thinking of the similar-looking Ho-Hos.

  3. I just ate a Swiss Cake Roll and was disgusted. I am only 24 years old, and I have been eating Swiss Cake Rolls for my entire life. (and no, I am not an extremely overweight person; just slightly overweight). I would say it has been about three months since I last ate a Swiss Cake Roll and it was just like it was when I was a kid. SOMETHING HAS CHANGED!

    Now, Swiss Cake Rolls are more like Hostess Ho-Hos: like cardboard, or plastic, and not soft and creamy. WE NEED TO TAKE THIS TO LITTLE DEBBIE HERSELF! Let’s urge them to go back to the original recipe.

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