Disco for Mac

This weekend I decided to try the Mac disc burning app called Disco, now on version 1.0.3. You can install the program and burn up to 7 discs before purchasing. Intrigued, I gave it a try. I was absolutely floored to find the download was a mere 1.8 MB! Wow. What a stark contrast to the large, bulky disc burning suites I’ve used in the past, which are filled with extras I’ll never use.

I have burned a few discs with Disco already, with great success. It supports double-layer DVDs, disc spanning, and also works with .iso and .dmg files. It does that, and more, while staying small and very simple. I really appreciate how lean this program is. It has a small option set, but those options include the most important ones.

It has a fantastic transparent interface, with attractive animations and progress bars. Enabling Smoke creates graphical smoke to animate the burning process. Apparently, you can even blow into your microphone to blow it around on the screen. That sounds very cool, but my computer doesn’t need such frills slowing it down. I have not enabled the smoke feature.

As it turns out, for a limited time, Disco’s creators are offering the program for $10 off, making it only $19.95. What a bargain! Compare that to the $80 price tag for Toast Titanium. Disco doesn’t try to live up to the complexity of an application like Toast, but it does everything I need, in style, for a fraction of the price. I have already registered my copy. It’s great!

Below is a screenshot of the Disco interface.

Disco Mac

Author: Craig Tisinger


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