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This weekend, I deployed a new site theme. I don’t make a habit of writing a blog post about such changes, but my new theme, Elite, is a drastic change. I think this theme is the prettiest I have ever used. It is modern, dark, and easy to read. All photos are automatically aligned to the left, for better or worse. Photos with a white background may not blend as well as I’d like on the dark canvass, but I’ll overlook that potential problem. Also, the theme fails the W3C Markup Validation check, but for minor reasons. The main drawback to this theme is that, oddly, there is no header on the page that shows the name of my site. For that reason, I am writing this post to assure you that you are still at! Enjoy the new look.

Author: Craig Tisinger


One thought on “New Blog Theme”

  1. Nice site, Craig.

    To fix the header issue, in your file header.php, about the fourth line from the bottom includes the word ‘Blog’ within span tags. Leaving the span tags alone, replace the word ‘Blog’ with this:

    The color bit is optional (and kind of cheating), but it’ll keep the title from dimming when your reader isn’t on the home page.

    Hope this helps.

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