WordPress 2.5

A month ago, WordPress released version 2.5. It is a radical change from the versions that proceeded it. It has been rewritten to be more powerful, robust, and attractive. Before I upgraded, I wondered how it could get any better, and why such an overhaul was even necessary. Boy, was I shortsighted. The new version is fantastic, and much easier to use.

I don’t understand why it is labeled version 2.5, when it should have been called 3.0. It is a major shift from the interface it once had. At any rate, 2.5.1 is now available. If you use WordPress and haven’t stepped up to version 2.5, now is the time. You won’t regret it. Of course, before upgrading, make sure your theme and plugins are compatible with the new version. So far, I haven’t had any trouble with my existing configuration on compatibly or performance issues. WordPress continues to be a fantastic product and keeps raising the blogging bar.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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