Yahoo Mail Has Too Many Ads

In a recent post about Yahoo, I mentioned that I use Gmail, but didn’t find Yahoo Mail lacking. I have changed my mind about that. Gmail is clearly better in every way compared to Yahoo Mail. That goes without saying, but in a recent test, I was made sure of it. This post is about the features. I’m talking about the ads.

In using Yahoo Mail some lately, I found it to be so littered with large, animated ads, it is painful to use. The new Yahoo Mail is worse in that aspect than the Classic view. Ads are everywhere–and they are big. I had several tabs open within the Mail window (Home, Inbox, Sent, etc.), and each tab had animating ads running all at the same time. Also, after composing a new message and sending it, an ad is displayed on the right side of the screen that is so large, it literally takes up almost half of my monitor.

It isn’t only the flashy ads in the Mail site itself. The advertisement taglines sent with all outgoing messages are really annoying, too. Yahoo used to have ones that simply mentioned the message having been sent by Yahoo. Today, it is a random text ad, shown below a horizontal line that doesn’t quite line up with the message window, or the text below it. Obnoxious and tacky! Fortunately, Gmail doesn’t do this.

One can sign up for Yahoo Mail Plus ($20 yearly) to ditch the ads. That is too expensive for my taste, especially since free accounts already get unlimited storage. I suppose anyone could use AdBlock for Firefox to block the ads within Yahoo Mail, but it won’t do anything about the taglines in your outgoing messages.

Overall, Gmail has so much more class and tact. Google doesn’t charge for the extras that Yahoo is asking users to pay for. If you use Yahoo and are willing to change your email address, I’d suggest ditching it. Gmail is so much faster and snappier than Yahoo, by a mile. You’ll certainly be thankful when you don’t see anymore flashing ads!

Author: Craig Tisinger


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  1. I thought I could stop the yahoo ads with AdBlock too, but no such luck. The ads reappear every time I refreshed no matter how many times I blocked them. So, you know, I switched to gmail too.

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