I Hate Annoying TV Scrolls!

Lately, I have noticed a sharp rise in an already very disturbing trend. When I watch TV, I am constantly interrupted with beeps, scrolls, and various alerts. I’m paying a lot of money for my digital cable service, and I don’t want the picture shrunk while half the screen has warnings on it. Why not make a whole channel for this stuff, or do it during the commercials?

In the past couple of weeks, nearly every prime time show that I’ve taped on my DVR either has had a thunderstorm warning, amber alert, silver alert, or local election results on the screen during the show. It is ridiculous! I don’t care about any of those things! If I want live election results, I don’t expect to find them on the channel showing American Idol. If a bad thunderstorm is coming, then too bad. What do you want me to do? I’m already at home! If a child or old person has gone missing, then I probably can’t help you. The person you are looking for is not standing in middle of my living room, so I suppose I won’t be seeing them tonight.

I think I’m at the front of this complaint. I believe the voices against this will grow louder once it becomes more commonplace and obtrusive. This must stop immediately! It makes me feel like every channel is going to go the way of the TV Guide Channel, which today has about 1/4 of the screen still reserved for the program listings, while the other 3/4 are ads and pointless programming. Gimme a break!

Author: Craig Tisinger


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