Mac OS X Software Revisited

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post that listed my favorite Mac OS X applications. Having been a Mac user for a year now, it’s time to revisit the subject. Below is a list of programs that I use on my Mac that are my favorite in their respective fields.

Author: Craig Tisinger


5 thoughts on “Mac OS X Software Revisited”

  1. Did you say, “Anal Application Removal”? Which anal applications were you trying to remove?

  2. I can’t believe I phrased it that way. How insane. Hopefully, everyone will get the idea. I’m implying the act of removing an app, along with the shared files and extras it scatters throughout the system.

  3. I wrote this post back in May, and would like to add a comment to say that while AppDelete is an adequate program for uninstalling the extra remnants of software on the Mac, today I prefer AppZapper.

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