2008 Beijing Olympics

I’ve been watching the Beijing Olympics this weekend. In years past, I have only mustered a passing interest in the Games. With all of the hype surrounding the 2008 Games in China this year, I decided to tune in this time around. On Friday, the opening ceremony was nothing short of spectacular.

I’ll quote Roger Ebert from an article in the Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago is bidding for the 2016 Games). Ebert writes, “I think I received the intended message: China is here, big time. The scope, precision and beauty of the production were, you will agree, astonishing.”

I’ve been home most of the weekend, and I’ve had NBC on in the background. Surprisingly, I’ve actually found myself sitting and watching a lot of the events. I’ve seen swimming, rowing, beach volleyball, biking, and gymnastics. This isn’t like me, normally, but I’m genuinely enjoying myself.

Beijing Olympic Fireworks

Author: Craig Tisinger


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