Google Chrome Test Drive

I have been using Google Chrome for the first time tonight. Conveniently, it imported my Firefox and IE bookmarks on its own. The feel of Chrome is more that of Firefox than Internet Explorer. Chrome seems to be a capable browser, despite the fact that it isn’t a finished product. It certainly has a nice interface, and is very easy on the eyes. I thought that sites loaded pretty fast, though my view was skewed by the old Pentium-III computer I was using for the test.

Oddly, when I visited my favorite browser identifier website, Chrome was listed in the browser details, but the site told me I was using Safari.

Author: Craig Tisinger


3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Test Drive”

  1. I uninstalled Chrome because I noticed that my hard drive ran a lot while I was using it. In addition, I discovered that Google had placed a startup app called “Google Update” which was running at all times in the background on my PC. That is completely unnecessary. Besides, I’m not going to leave Firefox 3.

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