Mouse Hunt on Facebook

One of my favorite Facebook applications is a game called Mouse Hunt. The concept sounds pretty silly when you try to explain it to someone. Essentially, it’s a game where you set a virtual mouse trap and earn game points and gold for every mouse you find in your trap. There are several virtual “towns” to hunt in, and you spend your gold to buy better traps and cheeses. There are many varieties of mice to catch, and the mice evolve as you increase your hunting status. I started as a Novice user, then worked my way up past Journeyman status to reach Master status.

In the big picture of life, this game is meaningless, and really serves no purpose whatsoever. But it is quite fun to check in on, and can become quite addicting. If you use Facebook, try adding this app. Mouse Hunt was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars after over 1000 votes on Facebook. That makes a pretty good case for giving it a try.

Mouse Hunt

Author: Craig Tisinger


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