Last week, I got my hands on the new hit game Spore. I’ve been playing it all weekend and I’m completely hooked. It’s so much fun! If you’re a fan of the SimCity and Sims games, then you’re sure to enjoy this title.

I was worried that it wouldn’t play on my computer. My Mac Mini has an integrated Intel graphics processor, and the Mac version of Spore doesn’t allow that configuration. The fastest Windows PC that I own is a Dell laptop with a Pentium M processor at 1.7 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, and ATI Mobile X300 graphics card. Despite being below the system requirements laid out by EA, the laptop seems to play the game with ease. All of the settings for audio and graphics are set to a minimum by default. Despite being set low, I’m still very impressed with the graphics.

So far, I’ve worked my way from the ground up by passing the Cell stage, the Creature stage, the Tribal stage, and now I’ve reached the Civilization stage. The game gets more impressive and complex as you evolve into higher stages. Watch the videos of Spore on YouTube that showcase the Tribal, Civilization, and Space stages of the game. After watching those clips, I was wowed at the possibilities that lie ahead.

I’m having a ball playing Spore. Two big thumbs up!

Author: Craig Tisinger


One thought on “Spore”

  1. I’ve been playing Spore on an off for a month now. It’s a fantastic game. The Civilization stage is by far the best stage of the game. I’ve played through the Civilization stage about 20 times. It is so much fun. Sometimes choosing the Hard setting makes it too difficult in that stage, but it all depends on whether not you start out as a sea city, and also how you play the game. The Space stage is confusing to understand and grasp. I’ve attempted it three times, with mixed results. From my experience, it isn’t as exciting as Civilization or Tribal.

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