Arrested Development

A couple of months back, my brother turned me on to a hilarious TV show called Arrested Development. It aired on Fox for three seasons from 2003-2006, when it was then canceled by the network. I had heard of the title in the past, but had no idea what the show was actually like. So I started renting the DVDs from Netflix, starting from the very beginning. Today, I have almost finished watching the entire first season. The show is very funny! It is a character show, and getting familiar with the cast and characters are essential to your enjoyment. You’ll find that the casting for each character is just perfect. If you want to check out the show, plan to watch four to five episodes before you get a true understanding of each character. Once you’re hooked, you’ll fall in love with this show’s humor and crazy whit!

It’s a shame that this show was ultimately canceled by Fox. However, according to Internet rumors, an Arrested Development movie is due out sometime in 2009! I haven’t been able to find a release date or finalized plot details, but IMDB already has a page for this future movie, which I assume is still in the making. What fun! I look forward to it!

Arrested Development

Author: Craig Tisinger


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