AppZapper Uninstaller for Mac

Uninstalling programs on the Mac is a very easy process. Simply navigate to the Applications folder and drag a program icon to the Trash. Easy as pie. However, if you want to remove an application along with its extra remnants that reside elsewhere on your computer, you may want something more.

I wrote a post back in May that outlined my favorite software for the Mac. In that post, I cited AppDelete as my favorite such uninstaller. While that program is free and quite adequate, I have recently began to favor the program AppZapper. It seems to be more robust than the AppDelete program. AppZapper is $12.95 to purchase, but the company allows five free uses before you must purchase the software. I am very impressed with it so far, and think that $12.95 is a very good price for this program. I now recommend it as my primary method of completely uninstalling various applications and everything that is associated with it. Try it yourself.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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