Free Disc Burning with CDBurnerXP

If you like to burn CDs and DVDs, but are sick and tired of the expensive, incredibly bloated offerings from Nero and EasyCD Creator, I have a solution. CDBurnerXP is a free disc burning utility for Windows that will do everything you need, completely free of charge. It’s both lean and powerful, supporting double-layer DVDs, ISO files, and even Blu-Ray disc burning! The Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed to use CDBurnerXP. Download the .NET Framework from Microsoft. One use and you’ll probably not want to look back to the $100 offerings of the competition.

Author: Craig Tisinger


One thought on “Free Disc Burning with CDBurnerXP”

  1. thanks to chris farmer for this recommendation. i concur, craig, flawless performance so far, with no background process or other bloat, supports gapless audio which i likee =). nero is a zero, or worse. just as nobody uses (bloated) adobe reader anymore, now i’m about to replace the (bloated) quicktime and real players with their alternatives. craig have you tried quicktime alternative/lite or real alternative? [j]

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