Glaring Omissions in Apple Mail

I just realized an asinine omission in Apple’s Mail application on the Mac. There is no way to set a default reply-to address! To date, there is a reply-to field that you can access on outgoing messages, but you must type in an address for that field each and every time you send a message! An online search turned up questions and complaints about this issue dating back to 2002! In all of the versions of Mail that have been released since that time, why has this basic feature not been added to the program? I have read where people have created Terminal commands to achieve this result, and others have written AppleScripts as well. I have tried neither of those methods. Having to jump through those hoops is absolute absurdity.

This needs to change, and now. And while Apple is adding that preference, extended the automatic Bcc option to include an address that is not limited only to myself. And furthermore, the mail checking intervals could use some more options than the paltry list that is currently included in Mail.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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