Glaring Omissions in Gmail

Gmail is the best web-based email that exists today. It still carries a “Beta” tag, which is absurd, but I digress on that point. I use Gmail daily for all of my mail and communications. Google has slowly introduced some great new features to Gmail over the years. That said, some of the new features have been downright silly. With that in mind, there are two glaring omissions in Gmail that should have been added long ago.

First: I want there to be a user setting to define a default font for composing messages. I don’t like to send messages in the generic font, which I think shows up as Arial on most Windows computers. I like to choose Verdana or Tahoma as my outgoing font. My problem is that I have to highlight my text and change the font from the pulldown list after I compose each and every message. This is annoying. I want to choose a setting in my Gmail preferences to always compose in Verdana, unless I choose otherwise at the time of writing.

Second: There needs to be a method to sort messages by size, or another easy way to single out large attachments. I have written Google in the past and begged for this very feature. Currently, you can only do an advanced search on your mailboxes and check a box that says “Has Attachments”. Within those search results, there is no indication of any attachment sizes without viewing each message individually. It would be to Google’s own benefit to make it easier for users to spotlight giant messages, since deleting some of them would probably result in less storage and backup that Google would have to worry about on their end. It’s ridiculous that this wasn’t a feature from the start.

While on the subject, it would also be nice if they would add the ability to remove attachments from messages, while keeping the message itself, but that isn’t a feature yet, either. Oh well.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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