Quicken Financial Life For Mac

Early in 2008, the folks at Intuit apologized for not planning a 2008 release of Quicken for the Mac. Instead, they opted for a complete rewrite and have been at work on a new product called Quicken Financial Life for Mac. I applied for their beta program for this new product over the summer. Today, I got an email from Quicken saying that I was not selected for the beta program. That is unfortunate, but their email indicated that they received more than five times the number of beta applicants than they anticipated for this application. That is great news! I hope the company realizes that there are quite a number of Mac users out there who are interested in using Quicken. The final release of the new Mac Quicken is due in the summer of 2009. While that is quite a delay from the original release schedule, I’m glad that the new program hasn’t become “Vaporware”, as the Macworld magazine recently labeled the project.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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