A Tribute to Henry Ray

Henry Ray was our delightful downstairs neighbor at Cumberland Cove Apartments. He was a nice and friendly man. I recall several times occasions when he’d knock on our door with baked goods, or a batch of homemade “Ray’s Ragu” pasta sauce. Even now, three years after moving away from that apartment, we still get Christmas cards and email updates from Henry at our house. Christmas 2008 was no exception. His card came in the mailbox weeks before Christmas, and as always, I mailed him a card in return.

Tonight, I got an email from Henry, that didn’t have a subject. It turned out that it was from his family, informing everyone listed in Henry’s address book that he’d passed away today, January 2nd. Henry was such a nice man, who appeared to be truly adored by all of his friends and family. He will no doubt be missed.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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