Weekend in New York!

My cousin Kevin joined Laura and I for a fun-filled weekend in New York City over Memorial Day weekend! We flew to the city very early Saturday morning, and returned home Monday afternoon. The trip was short, but sweet. Me and Laura lucked out with some fantastic seats on both of our Delta flights, and the ride was as smooth as I’ve ever experienced in the air. We had reservations at the Hotel Edison in midtown Manhattan. It was a fine hotel that gave us easy access to the city.

While in the Big Apple, we went to see the Broadway play Exit the King, starring Susan Sarandon, Geoffrey Rush, and others. It was truly wonderful. I hadn’t seen a live play in many years, and certainly never one of that caliber. Bravo! It was a great show.

The three of us had a fantastic weekend. I’m ready to go back! I was impressed with the city, it’s energy, and oddly, and it’s delicious tap water. Seriously, I found the tap water to be unusually good. I now love NYC!

Times Square

Author: Craig Tisinger


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