A few weeks ago, tech guru Leo Laporte chose the new online service AudioBoo as his pick of the week on his weekly tech podcast. The best way to sum up the service is that it is like Twitter for audio, or a public Internet answering machine. Since I first heard about this, I’ve listened to Leo’s boos and the boos of others.

The service is simply amazing, and so very easy to use. Simply create an account at their website, then download the iPhone app from the App Store (free). You can then create simple voice recordings using your iPhone or iPod Touch and upload them to AudioBoo. The quality and clarity of the recordings is stunningly good. You can even have AudioBoo automatically post a link to your recordings via Twitter or Facebook.

I just signed up today for AudioBoo, and I’ve made my first recording. You can hear all of my boos on my AudioBoo page.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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