Snow Leopard Upgrade!

Tonight on my way home from work, I stopped by the crowded Apple store in Raleigh to pick up my $29 upgrade copy of Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6. I have now upgraded my Mac Mini to the new OS! Despite trying as hard as I could to find a way to do a clean wipe and install, I resorted to a traditional upgrade, which took about 45 minutes to an hour on my machine. The new OS does appear to be much faster on boot and Finder operations. I’ve only been using the new OS for a half hour, so bear that in mind.

Snow Leopard locks out old PowerPC users, as it available for Intel processors only. I’m at the shallow end of that requirement, using a two-year-old Mac Mini with an Intel Core Duo. You can visit for a list of potential software issues with the new OS. So far for me, in my tests, Cyberduck (FTP) won’t launch at all on the new OS, and Firefox 3.5.2 crashed once. A few other applications that I use have issued updates for 10.6 compatibility today. Expect more to come over the following days. I haven’t tried to load all of my apps yet.

In my short usage so far, the most notable difference is seem in performance and in the Dock. I’ve barely scratched the surface. Expect more posts to follow! Meanwhile, visit Macworld for updated information!


Author: Craig Tisinger


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