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Today I emailed the editorial section of the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper with the following thoughts:

Dear N&O:

I have a great new name for the N&O. I call it “The Pews and Observer”. I don’t subscribe to the paper, but often glance through the papers of my co-workers. I find that nearly every day the Life section is filled with religious articles. Most of the Life section these days is actually the Faith section, which I find disturbing. In my opinion, the N&O is nothing more than a religious publication. It’s hard not to feel that way when I’m bombarded with regular features such as “The God Squad” and church bulletins.

Take away the advertisements, the religious propaganda, and most of what is left is collection of articles ripped straight from the New York Times and the Associated Press. That’s not much of a problem because those articles are clearly the best ones. However, I can read them in the actual New York Times, or on the Internet.

The only local N&O staff writer that I look forward to reading is Barry Saunders. He pens an insightful and entertaining column. Hopefully when the paper industry breathes its final breath, Barry find valuable work elsewhere. Sadly for the N&O, once the daily print newspaper is a thing of the past, nothing of value in Raleigh will have been lost.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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