Apple Releases A New Mac Mini

This week, Apple quietly refreshed the Mac Mini line. I use a Mac Mini that I bought in 2007. I absolutely love my computer! The new one released this week looks better than ever.

The new Mini is now encased in aluminum, matching the design of the iMac. It has access to the computer memory underneath the machine. The power supply is now inside the machine, unlike older models which carry a power brick. An HDMI port is now included! The new computer also sports a faster processor, graphics card, and more.

I like what I see. I’d love to have one!

Mac Mini 2010

Author: Craig Tisinger


One thought on “Apple Releases A New Mac Mini”

  1. I should have mentioned that the new Mac Mini is priced at $699. This is an increase from past models. I love this computer, but it is certainly priced too high.

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