Jawbone Bluetooth Earpieces

Many years ago, I went to the grand opening of an electronics store in town, and they had a pile of $17 Bluetooth earpieces. I bought one. It was a Plantronics 220. I used it on and off with my old Motorola Razr phone. The cheap Plantronics earpiece was a truly horrible. It would constantly pop and hiss when I used it. People I spoke with on the phone would often complain about the sound. Most times, to get a decent signal, I’d have to put my phone on the same side of my body as the earpiece. Walking away from the phone was not an option. The range was awful.

For my birthday, my dad gave me a Jawbone earpiece to use with my iPhone. I have the Jawbone ICON Hero. It is totally awesome! It has fantastic range, clarity, features, and battery life. Background noise is filtered out with their military-grade noise filtering technology. I’m able to talk on the phone and keep my windows down while driving. It also speaks caller ID and battery life information in my ear. My experience with it has been outstanding. If you’re in the market, I highly recommend one.

Jawbone ICON

Author: Craig Tisinger


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  1. My iPhone handles bluetooth connections much more easily than my old Razr phone. However, I should have added in my post that enabling bluetooth on my iPhone has made a noticeable dent in my overall battery life! Very noticeable!

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