Text For Free With Textfree

Textfree is an incredible app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that provides you with unlimited texting for free. I’ve been using for a few days now and it is awesome.

I already pay $5 per month for a 200-limit text message plan with AT&T. For a few of months, I’d even boosted it to the next level which gave me 1500 texts per month for $15. I think the entire texting industry is absurdly high priced. If I am already paying for 3G Internet data, simple 160-character text-only messages should come and go for free. I’m tired of paying such ridiculously high fees for texting.

It looks like I’ll no longer have to. I’ve found Textfree and it gives me a completely new phone number to use for unlimited texting, all for FREE. No longer will I be taking it in the rear from the phone company. I highly recommend this app to every iOS user, which includes iPad and iPod Touch users. The app is ad-supported in the free version, but you can eliminate all ads if you subscribe as a paying customer for $6 per year. Even as a paying customer, the price is a steal compared to paying for traditional texting via the mobile carrier.

Do yourself a favor. Check this out. Save some money.


Author: Craig Tisinger


One thought on “Text For Free With Textfree”

  1. I decided to pay the $5.99 fee to remove ads from the app for one year. It is totally worth it. The app is by far much snappier to respond without having to download ad content along with your messages. If you use this app, you should surely pay the $6.

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