Hypothetical Help Podcast

I have found a new podcast that has quickly become my favorite show to listen to. The show is called Hypothetical Help with Scott Johnson and Mark Turpin (Turpster). Scott is the American half of the duo, and Turpster is the British half. Together they dish out hypothetical advice to people who have phoned the show and left questions. As you can imagine, the topics are all over the map.

Scott and Turpster make for a very funny duo. Turpster in particular is hilarious and amazingly witty. This podcast is squarely in the comedy category. While their advice can be good at times, they make it clear that they aren’t trying to be serious in any way.

You can listen to the show on their website, or you can subscribe in iTunes. Give it a listen. As of today, they have produced 22 episodes of the weekly podcast. I look forward to many more.

Hypothetical Help

Author: Craig Tisinger


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