Ta-da List (Again)

My favorite to-do list manager is a website called Ta-da List by a company called 37 Signals. I’ve used this site for years, and even wrote about it on this blog four years ago! I still use the service today. The Ta-da List site is about as simplistic and barebones as a website can get. You make lists and check things off. That’s it. Whats more, this site has no ads! I use it more than any other to-do list solution.

I wanted to make this second post about the Ta-da List site primarily to mention the simplistic beauty of the mobile site, which I’ve recently started using. I’ve sampled a few iPhone apps and have tried to maintain a to-do list that way, but I’ve found that the Ta-da List mobile website is the perfect solution. In essence, I can add and check things off on the go or from my desktop, while always managing the same list. It’s all in one place, so no syncing is necessary. I use it to maintain many lists, including holiday gift ideas, hate list ideas, blogging ideas, shopping lists, and beyond.

I doubt anyone reading this has even heard of this service. Go check it out and marvel at its simplicity.

Author: Craig Tisinger


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