I’ve been reading over some of my past writings as well as the entries I’ve made to my hate list. It began to occur to me that I use way too many commas in my writing. At least I think I do.

I don’t even realize I’m overdoing it. I tend to write and hammer out words as though I’m speaking out loud to someone. I find myself inserting commas at random in an effort to invoke a slight pause in the flow of the message. I want to sprinkle commas everywhere! I’m not certain of to what degree of grammatical correctness any of my comma usage actually is. I’ll leave that to the experts and future historians to decide.

I started to wonder if commas at some point in the far future will gradually get weeded out from all written text. At least perhaps that could be possible for all casual writing. Along with the advent of emails and text messages it seems that written language will inevitably get more simplified over time. Perhaps some day it won’t look unnatural to have a whole body of text without any commas. Could you imagine such a world?

I wonder if I could ever bring myself to write an entire blog post without using a single comma.

Wait. I just did.

Author: Craig Tisinger


7 thoughts on “Commatose”

  1. I could care less about commas in your hate list. Doesn’t bother me if you have a few or way to many. I just read the hate list for the pure fun of reading it and the laughter it bring to everyone.

    You, go, Craig, use, as, many, as, you, like, we, will, still, enjoy, anything, you, write,

  2. Well, set yourself a comma-less challenge or comma-full challenge. And that is why humans are the superior being because everything is a choice achievable by our strongest asset called the brain – “commafull” or “commaless”. It is for this reason this reply is written as such and is without commas! šŸ™‚ Note to Craig : I am responding to your challenge of a comma-less writing.

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